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Top Wishlist Features Homebuyers Want in Greater Vancouver

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Canada’s real estate market, especially Vancouver, has seen an increasing demand for condos and townhomes, due to single homes rising over the average affordable price. This significant shift away from detached homes is no threat to the housing market, as the price of townhomes have increased a total of 11.9% in the last year alone. Whether you’re looking to invest in a detached home, or a condominium is the style for you, here are the real features homebuyers want in their future home.

# of Rooms

One of the main driving factors of a considerable home for homebuyers is the number of rooms it has. This is at the top of must-haves because it’s something the homebuyer may or may not be able to change after purchasing. If you need a home with 4 bedrooms, but the condo or home only has 3, building a new room addition or even converting a room into a bedroom may be out of the question.


Canadians want to maintain residency near the breathtaking views of Vancouver’s waterfront. Inquiries for condos have seen great increase recently, as more and more people want to enjoy the urban lifestyle without the concrete metro views. When purchasing a home in the greater Vancouver area, people want a view.

Less Land

It’s not surprising that homes are selling with less land. In today’s day, more land means higher taxes and pricing. People are settling for lots with bigger homes and less land. This means less maintenance, less grass to mow, and more space inside of the home to enjoy. Vancouver’s detached homes are decreasing, and the need for apartments and condos are increasing due to their affordability.

Natural Splashes

In bathrooms and kitchens, the design of natural stone is taking over backsplashes and tiles. Natural stone can come in tones of grays, tans, browns, blacks, and whites. Rather than colorful tiles and backsplashes, homebuyers are choosing designs that provide a more natural view for a peaceful and “zen” feeling. Much like natural stone, hardwoods are also a natural preference among homebuyers.

Lots of Lighting

One of the most-wanted features in a home is natural lighting. More windows that allow for natural lighting make a home appear to be bigger and brighter. This concept is calming and energizing at the same time. Vancouver’s natural lighting is by far one of the best in all of North America.

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